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The principle of rotating logo projector

2022-04-23  563

Under the progress of the society, now people's material life is getting better and better, and on the basis of the original consumption, they also pay more attention to the decoration and atmosphere of the shops during consumption. Shop with exquisite decoration and elegant environment are not only easier to attract customers, but also easier to let customers punch in, virtually also helping themselves to do a wave of publicity.


Our Noparde logo projector lamp is a way of product advertising, through the principle of image refraction, the original design advertising patterns, in the form of light; logo projector lamp products can be divided into fixed, embedded, lifting class, convenient removable, track, different categories can present different effects, modern applications are more fixed, fixed can adjust the root bracket adjust the Angle of the lens.


Then the logo projection lamp can be classified by the projection type as: static logo projector or rotating logo projector products, Static logo projector refers to the projection advertising pattern is still, The pattern content of the static logo projector is immovable, If you need to change the pattern, you need to change the logo lens of the projection lamp; A rotating logo projector is a dynamic pattern, That is, patterns can rotate at 360 degrees, The specific function is that the effect needs to be determined by the setting of the product, Most logo projection lamp products now have rotary switches when designing rotating logo projectors, The switch opening pattern will rotate at 360 degrees in situ, Switch off pattern rotation stops.


So what is the principle of the pattern rotating logo projector product?

Pattern rotating logo projector pattern rotation principle is realized through the projection lamps’ logo lens, first of all I take you to understand the construction of advertising projection lamp products, advertising projection lamp products is by projection lamp-projection lens-power-shell-circuit board-bead-motor and other components, and imaging the most important parts is the logo lens and projection beads, beads will light on the logo lens and then through the refraction of the lens to the carrier to form the image.However, the principle of the pattern rotating logo projector is that the logo lens is installed on the motor, fixed with industrial glue, and then the motor drives the logo lens to rotate, and then the pattern is displayed with the rotation

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