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The most popular advertising method at the moment – logo projector light advertising

2022-02-17  518

Everyone usually goes out shopping or going out to play,and they should also see that some businesses also use logo projector light.All kinds of bright and colorful patterns can quickly catch everyone's attention!In particular,it is very interestingand creative to see many children following the patterns projected by the projector lamps in their stores.Passers-by will also take a second look.The parents of the chilrdren or the owner of the store take some videos and share them.The store also has a free promotion.

I believe you will also find that tranditional billboards,light boxes and other lighting decorations have long made people feel monotonous or visually fatigued. With the continuous development of the times, more and more new things are developing rapidly,such as traditional posters.The way and the door head are transformed to the fashionable and novel advertising projector lights.The reason is that the competition for promotion and publicity is becoming more and more fierce, which requires the prometion tools to be novel andeasy to replace ,and the logo projection light just meets this feature.The projected dynamic pattern can not only perfectly display the sign, but also make your store a bright spot among many merchants, attracing the attention of passers-by.


Therefore,compared with traditional advertising light boxes, outdoor advertising logo projector lights are more personalized,and the visual effects and publicity effects are no less than traditional light box advertisements.And compared with the usual outdoor advertising,our projector light has four notable features:

1.Excellent cost performance;The traditonal light box and billboard are just a relatively rgid and static picture,which will become dirty and discolored after being exposed to the sun and rain for several months;while the projector light adopts the principle of light imaging,which will not fade or take a long time like a floor sticker.It becomes dirty and old when walking around,his projection effect is more durable and beautiful,and we use imported Cree lamp beads to make the effect clearer,high-definition and high-brightness,the projected pattern is fresh and dynamic,and can easily maximize profits.

2.The products are of good quality and low price; I believe that our friends who do physical stores know that traditional billboards and light boxes are not only very troublesome to customize,but also the manufacturing cost is realtively hign.The manufacturing cost of the projection lamp is relatively affordable ,and the light beam of the logo projector light can make the receptor(wall,road,ground,etc.)become a beautiful advertisement.Make a difference with the most affordable price.


3.Easy to replace logo lens; We all know that it is very troublesome to replace traditonal light boxes and billboards.Once the advertisement is done,it is very troublesome to modify it.Even if you just want to change the phone number , you have to recreate the billboard or light box,wasting human,maerial,and financial resources.And it is often impossible to quickly adapt to the ever-changing market,and quickly communicate our new activities,new products,new ideas,and new creatives to consumers.But our projector light is very convenient and simple.All the content is engraved on the logo lens by the laser machine.It is only necessary to replace the logo lens inside,which is more convenient and cost-effective.


4.Super logn life and super energy saving; Like our lamps can be used for 50000 hours,and a few hundred yuan can add novel advertising logo projector light to our store,which is equivalent to recruiting a person to help us promote and attract customers at the door of our store 24 hours a day.Maybe we go out for a hot pot or buy 2 pieces of clothing and you can buy a projector lamp! And it is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly.It only needs 0.2KWh of electricity for 6 hours,so you can use it with confidence.


It can not only be used in stores to advertise for actvities,but also used by companies to enhance the company's image.The factory can project safety signs to remind and warn.Home decoration can create an atmosphere and play a finishing touch.As a product of lighting engineering,the scenic spot can also be used to create a light show,attracting more tourists to take pictures and share!There are more uses waiting for you to discover~


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