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Logo Projector Light – Pattern Customization

2022-02-15  761

Technology changes life, and creativity is essential. Unusual things always attract people's attention. Novel trends in clothing, unique perspectives of literary works, or various types of stores with fierce competition and unexpected business methods are constantly exporting new store owners. idea to satisfy and attract more attention.

Speaking of various shops and internet celebrity check-in holy places, what attracts us is not only their unique eating, drinking and drinking, but also their unique and creative designs! The unique and heart-warming design is vividly displayed in every full-fledged store, ranging from the overall style and color matching, to the small one that may be just a decoration, a wall painting, and even the color and pattern projected by each light. All reasons to keep us.

logo projector light 主图

Such as Noparde logo projector light. Logo projector light is also called advertising projector light product. Logo projector light product belongs to a way of product advertising. Through the principle of image refraction, the originally designed advertising pattern is displayed in the form of light; logo projector light Products can be divided into fixed type, embedded type, hoisting type, convenient and detachable type, and track type according to the type of installation. Different types can present different effects. Most modern applications belong to fixed type, and fixed type can also be adjusted. The bracket at the base adjusts the angle of the lens.

This logo projector light is its design quality and efficiency. As long as there is a theme and style direction, or you can directly provide the projected store name and logo file, it doesn't matter if you don't think about how to match the store. Just tell the designer your ideas and needs, or you can directly take a photo of the facade. Design and post-adjustment, professional designers will complete the drawing with the fastest speed and high quality, punctual and quality. Customize your own unique, high-end atmosphere and exquisite effects


Compared with the traditional light box luminous characters, the Noparde logo projection lamp has an integrated simple design, which is convenient and easy to install, and girls can easily do it! Imported lamp beads, brand power supply, integrated waterproof without base bracket, precision optical lens, sealed rotary silent motor, adjustable and flexible lens aperture, with international brand patent intellectual property rights, to give you the quality assurance!

photobank (40)

In short, the Noparde brand logo projection lamp, the effect can be seen in the picture, and the cost performance is remarkable. If you want a beautiful and memorable projection lamp advertisement, Noparde logo projector light is highly recommended!


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