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Enterprise security really needs an safety projector

2022-02-19  1,119

Modern industry is the product of the development of social division of labor.As a developing country,China naturally attaches great importance to industry.In 2014,China's industrial output reached 4 trilion US dollars,surpassing the US to become the world's number one industrial producer.However,production safety is the premise of economic development.If an enterprise wants to develop in the long run,it must first focus on sfety issues!


Various security issues emerge in an endless stream every year. At this time, security protection and standardized operations are particularly important. Some floor stickers posted by factories or safety signs on the wall may also be common in the workplace, but long-term use will inevitably wear out, become dirty and difficult to replace, and some special warning requirements cannot be moved, etc.

At this time, it is very necessary to install a safety projector in the necessary area, which can always remind the workers who are fighting on the front line to pay attention to safety and reduce accidents.

For example, projecting at dangerous objects reminds staff to avoid accidents to prevent accidents;


Projecting on the construction site can remind people entering and leaving to wear safety helmets or electrostatic clothing lights;

Install on-board projection lamps on forklifts or load-carrying vehicles to keep them away from dangerous vehicles;


Projecting at important exits such as safe passages to guide staff to leave dangerous places faster;


Projected in the warehouse, the products can be classified in detail;

Projecting at the door of the company allows customers to see a more detailed side;

Projection at intersections can display road signs;

Projecting at the entrance of the park is also an encouragement and comfort to the hard-working employees


Our Noparde company has always been adhering to the business philosophy of serving customers and "high quality and low price", and we are constantly optimizing and improving both product quality and projection effects. Under the market demand of all walks of life, the "safety projector" that is more suitable for enterprises has been launched. It can be remotely controlled by remote projection, the content can be customized at will, the method of replacing the content is convenient, and the installation is simple, which is well received by consumers! To make products, we are attentive and serious!

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