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The importance of the industrial projector

2021-10-25  603

The appliance of industrial projector shows the better effects in various occasions. The most typical case is that crane projector used in steel plants. And the crane projector is industrial. Industrial projectors are general terms for all projectors used in industrial manufacturing. Industrial projectors are individually designed projectors for special industrial environments and conditions of use. Industrial projectors are far superior to ordinary commercial advertising projector products in terms of structural strength, high-temperature resistance, waterproof and dust-proof, shock resistance and drop resistance.


Why the workshop needs an industrial projector?

Every workshop has some dangerous areas. Industrial production safety is the lifeblood of the survival of an enterprise. It's a problem that every enterprise needs to understand to ensure the safety of industrial production. It's necessary to install an industrial projector in areas with high dust and low visibility in some workshops. The industrial projector is used in low visibility conditions, and it uses to instruct production workers to avoid entering dangerous areas during production activities and leading to danger. And the industrial projector can also play a certain role in lighting. In general, the power of an industrial projector is relatively high, and the projected brightness is very large. It can also play an important role in lighting in the workshop with low visibility.


The followings are the advantages of the industrial projector:

1.The 4-nuts adjustable bracket is used to adjust the angle and increase the strength of the fixed support, which can effectively cope with the inertia and vibration caused by the operation of the crane.

2.The product adopts a high-temperature resistant design, and the maximum allowable ambient temperature can exceed 70 degrees, which effectively guarantees the product's service life.

3.It adopts a waterproof and dust-proof design, which can be applied to harsh industrial environments and extend the product's service life.

4.The double insurance wire rope design is adopted to ensure that the product or components will not fall during the vibration process of the overhead crane, which is not available in ordinary projection lamps.

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