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The projector that can project animation

2021-10-26  486

With the wide application of the projector, most people have seen the patterns projected by the projector, but do you see its effect moves like an animation?


We all know that animation is made by using the principle of "visual residue" to decompose a sporty image into several continuous still images. Then it continues to show this frame of static images. Then can the advertising projector favored by the majority of businesses achieve animation effects?


At the same time, the Noparde brand has got it. As everyone's voices for animation projector are getting louder and louder, Noparde brand animation multi-projector is also born at the right time, and a projector can achieve animation effects.


The principle of Noparde's animation multi-projector is very simple: after decomposing the animation action, the animation effects can achieve by using multi shots to play in a loop. The Noparde brand animation multi-projector are also divided into two-projection, three-projection, four-projection, etc. The more projector holders show the smoother the animation effect, and we can select the suitable multi-projector according to our actual needs. The Noparde animation projector can be made into the effect of multi-projector and lamp changing pictures simultaneously. It's not a problem to play a movie ad long as we have enough projectors.


The projection angle of the Noparde multi-projector is 360 degrees adjustable, and the free remote control can control 10 different modes, such as breathing, flashing, horse racing fading effects, etc., which is equivalent to 10 kinds of projector with one projector with different animation effects.


The projection contents can be customized and designed freely. Changing contents that only change its pattern can apply to various occasions. Whether it's for store advertising, store drainage, or it increases the store's fun, outdoor scenic spotlighting projects, interior decoration, and logo guidance.

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