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The importance and value of safety warning industrial projection lamp

2022-12-17  260

Winter morning bright late, In November and December, part of the road, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians on the road intersection found a new thing, a lot of garbage transport car and residue in the right turn, right blind area on the right side of the vehicle, there are "dangerous area" red white characters or red arrow safety warning projection lights on the ground, in the line of sight is bad in the evening and the night is particularly clear.


This new projection light device to avoid shelter is the right turn blind area warning projection light installed on the sanitation cleaning vehicle of Shanghai Kaiping Environmental Construction and Development Co., Ltd. and the muck vehicle of Shanghai Road Tong Industrial Co., Ltd. These on the bottom of the car on the right side of the car, in the vehicle turn right, can automatically open, the projection of light or text, the projection in right turn blind area on the ground, prompt the car right rear pedestrians and non-motor vehicles, avoid turn right blind area accident, is a kind of attention to safety, but also a kind of reminder for personnel safety.

The right turn blind area of the carts is a relatively high accident rate, commonly known as "making dumplings" accidents, and even become a very high fatality rate in some cities. At present, many cities through the vehicle installation of blind area camera, the right turn will stop technical means, effectively reduce the accident, but these means are for the driver and vehicles, for pedestrians and non-motor vehicle violations, such as pedestrians walk see mobile phones, take-away little elder brother ride order is still a right turn traffic accidents.


This scheme comes from the product idea of Shanghai Kaiping Environment Shi Hongkang model Workers Innovation Studio, Shanghai Shenzhou Automobile Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. and its Hu Zhenqiu Model Worker Innovation Studio make use of their own driving experience and more than ten years of product experience in the automotive electronics industry, With the strong support of the Shanghai Municipal Greening and City Appearance Administration Bureau, With the cooperation of Huangpu District Green Rong Bureau, Huangpu Chengfa Group and Shanghai Road Tong Industrial and other units, Multi-party joint research combined with previous experience, Right turn blind spot warning projection lamp with Noparde projection lamp installed, For pedestrians and non-motor vehicles at the intersection, By the way of light warning, Far from the right-turn blind zone of the cart, Stay in a safe position, To reduce the traffic accidents caused by the internal wheel difference, At the same time, it also avoids the urban noise pollution caused by horn sound reminders

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