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Detailed explanation of fall projection lamp products

2022-12-24  271

With the progress of The Times, the projection lamp is used more and more widely. Its publicity method breaks through people's habitual thinking, naturally stimulates people's curiosity, and makes the publicity effect achieve better. With the continuous development of the projection lamp industry, Aladdin, a well-known domestic projection lamp manufacturer, has achieved a breakthrough in technology and achieved good results in the market through continuous excavation. It has innovated the fall lamp, one of the light and shadow lamp series.


Falling lanterns, as the name implies, can be projected on the exterior walls of buildings with various graphics (snowflakes, fallen leaves, raindrops, etc.) to create the effect of slowly falling. Together with the water pattern lamp, it creates a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. Innovated and developed by Shenzhen Aladdin Lighting Technology Co., LTD., by Aladdin lighting technology designers in the northeast travel, see the snow falling all over the sky, see this spectacular, sudden inspiration, carefully developed. Inspiration source: Snow is a gift from heaven in the cold winter. In the heavy snow, the confusing world can become pure and not dyed, and it can also soothe your tired body and mind.


Flower projection lamp
1, power: 160w
2. Lamp beads: Osram
3. Projection distance: 10-50 meters
4. Protection level: ip65

This fall lantern is not an ordinary lighting fixture, but an innovative atmosphere publicity equipment that can actually help users create value and profits. It saves the huge cost of site setting, screen production and so on, greatly reducing the cost of advertising. Because the installation and debugging is simple and quick, no special care is needed to save trouble and effort, so it is both environmental protection and energy saving atmosphere lighting projection lamps.

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