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The choice of advertising projector

2021-12-29  779

When going out to go shopping, you will find vivid patterns on the floor and wall at the entrance of many shops. When you can’t help looking for its source, you find it’s just an electrical appliance like a monitor. It is an advertising projector, a technology that allows the advertisement to be displayed differently.

gobo projector case

1. Shape and material: the first thing we see for an advertising projector is the shape. In addition to the beautiful shape, the materials used are also the key points we need to pay attention to. The projection lamp on the market generally uses metal shells that are waterproof, resistant to high temperatures, strong and not easily deformed. The following are the shape and material of the projection lamp!

LQ logo projector

2. Model style: the style of advertising projectors are also diverse, such as multi-picture projection, rotating projection and water ripple projection. They are all high-tech precision instruments, no matter what kind of projection it is. Therefore, we must pay attention to dust-proof and waterproof when choosing a projector. Only at the projection level of IP65 can it truly achieve waterproof and dust-proof.

3. Technical design: the advertising projection effect is linked to the number and size of the lens. And the number of lenses determines the projected effect. The size of the lens determines the projection. The large the lens, the larger the projected image! The following is the different size of the projector lens!

Therefore, please remember to pay attention to the 3 points I mentioned above when choosing a projector. If you have any doubts, please don’t hesitate to us and welcome to consult us!

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