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The benefits of choosing Noparde projector

2021-10-09  507

We all know that the advertising projector is divided into short-distance advertising projector and long-distance projector.

As a member of the projector manufacturer, Noparde long-distance projector is deeply trusted by various building advertising customers. So how is Noparde long-distance projector is better than other manufacturers?


First, the optical lens of Noparde long-distance is a highlight. Noparde high-power lens has high definition and high brightness, and the light from the light source through the lens is more concentrated and has a higher utilization rate. Therefore, it has also obtained an optical patent. The pattern lamp inside the lamp is an imported colored coated glass lens, which is more resistant to high temperature and greater than the available lamp. The higher the light yield, the more light will be collected.


We are all afraid that the projected pattern size is not suitable, and the lens of the Noparde long-distance projector is optional. The default that 1-meter projection is 0.3 meters in diameter, which is proportional to the projection, and the farther the large, the closer the smaller. There is a variety of lenses 1:0.2 (1:0.65/1:0.87/1:1 can be customized lens)can be chosen, that 1-meter projection is 0.2 meters in diameter, and it meets with different sizes in distances.

Noparde manufacturer can correct the pattern for free. Unique developed pattern correction technology, as long as the projection angle is within 70°, the deviation can be controlled within 1.5cm, and the distortion is invisible to the naked eye.


The high-power lens of the Noparde brand has a patent and bracket. The unique U-shaped bracket can ensure stability and support 180-degree adjustment of left and right, while most other manufacturers can only adjust within 90 degrees, and the projection angle is not limited and more convenient!

We not only pay attention to the product quality but also projection safety. An anti-dropping wire is specially added between the bracket and the lamp to grasp the lamp better, and it prevents the installation from being tight, prevents the lamp from falling, and avoids accidents. 


The radiator behind the bracket lamp is also one of the highlights of the Noparde long-distance projector. Compared with ordinary radiators, the radiator of the Noparde long-distance projector is more than 5 times longer. It uses copper tube heat conduction technology, aluminum fan heat dissipation, faster heat dissipation and longer life, using gold-brand MEAN WELL power supply, Osram lamp beads. Therefore, the Noparde long-distance projector has a clear and beautiful projection effect, a huge picture frame and a wide coverage area, and a longer service life and more durable.

The Noparde brand focuses on R&D, production and sales of various LED projectors. Over the years, it has cooperated with more than 200,000 merchants and accumulated many new and old fans. At present, the company has a team of more than 150 people, a plant area of 3,000 square meters, and a professional design team of more than 30 people. It’s an innovative, professional, quality and service-oriented comprehensive technology enterprise. Whether it is a small-watt advertising projector or a long-distance projector that needs to project huge advertising, it is worthy of your trust!

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