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What’s a pg projector and where it can use

2021-10-08  537

PG projector named PG lamp, PANI lamp, HARVEY lamp, huge advertising projector in this industry, which belongs to outdoor advertising projector. It uses the principle of optical projection and uses a high-brightness light source to project the full-color advertising content on the film onto the outer wall or ground of a high-rise building, forming a very visually impact outdoor advertisement at night.

Specifically, the pg projector is a high-power projector product. The power of the advertising projector that we see is increased, and the light is aggregated on the optical lens and refracted to the outside world to form colorful advertisements.


Pg projector applies to all kinds of outdoor places, including art academies, exhibitions venues, theme parks, marketing, large and medium-sized theatrical performances. It can add the atmosphere of the scene and highlight the effect of art. Because of its low energy consumption, high brightness and convenient installation, the pg projector is widely used in long-distance, large-scale advertising projects. It contributes to outdoor advertising projector projects.


Shenzhen Aladdin Light Technology Co., Ltd. It is a professional pg projector manufacturer, which provides customized pg projector services. Since its establishment, the company has cooperated with foreign PANI and PG lamps (PIJI) through various large, medium and small, performing on the same stage and showing the characteristics of our pg projector in China.

The pg projector developed by learning advanced foreign usage methods combined with the domestic usage environment can be better used in various domestic performances, advertisements, exhibitions and other places. It can better contribute to the advertising projection field.

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