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Taking you to appreciate the unique water wave projector effects

2021-09-03  621

Dynamic water wave projector, a three-dimensional water flow effect projector based on the concept of water ripple effect, is similar to the special effects of the water ripples and creates a beautiful atmosphere. The color of the water wave projector not only is light blue but there is 23 color to choose. At present, light blue is more popular with the audiences in the market. And light blue is also the color that most resembles the effect of water flow, and large-area projection doesn’t lose a visual feast.


Projection effects in dynamic water wave projector apply to the building outdoors, the bridge, the road, the landscape, etc. And it increases the artistic beauty of the building and improves the grade of the building.

Using the dynamic water wave projector not only creates a different atmosphere but improves the customers’ experience. It brings some taste of the ocean to the customers. In Haitianyuan, a national 4th level tourist attraction in Baoan District, Shenzhen,in China, it makes good use of that the pattern projector and dynamic water wave projector use at night, and its effects are perfect. Strangers could take some photos and send them to the circle of friends. Dynamic water wave has a unique wave flow effects, and the pattern projector projects various petal color, so the Sea pastoral has better scenery.


Dynamic water wave projector not only lightens the scenery but also improves the atmosphere of the scenic spot. It can also be projected to the building to increase the artistic beauty of the building. Mountains and sea surround Shenzhen Yantian senior high school. It has a beautiful natural environment and faces the sea. It has a beautiful natural environment and faces the sea. It is the only “full Seaview middle school” in the city. The overall architectural style is elegant after incorporating the dynamic water wave projector and the night view of Yangao. The lights overlap perfectly, which makes it appear that the night scene environment of Yantian senior middle school is not monotonous. While ensuring the overall effect of the lighting night scene, it is in harmony with the surrounding lighting environment, which complements each other.


Dynamic water wave projector is popular with people is of its projection effects and features by itself.

Dynamic water wave features:

1.Dynamic water wave projector has the characteristic of low power consumption, long service life, sturdiness and durability, easy installation, chic and elegant shape, waterproof, etc.

2.The power supply adopts a high-efficiency energy-saving Taiwan MingWei power supply, which has the characteristics of low energy consumption and long life.

3.The lamp beads use the American Cree led chip lamp beads, which have the characteristics of long life, sufficient brightness and extended projection distance.



Dynamic water wave projector has many combination methods:

1.Single water pattern projector for independent use. This situation uses square or round water ripple effects.

2.Multiple combined water wave projectors can create the feeling of rolling ocean waves.


3.The water wave projector is used in combination with the pattern projector. It is recommended to use the pattern projector and dynamic fish lantern. Two projected fish effects are very realistic, which create a feeling that the ocean waves and fish are swimming.

At present, the dynamic water wave projector becomes mainstream in the market. More and more scenic spots and physical stores can find the shadow of the dynamic water wave projector. Many shopkeepers strive for atmospheric effects in the shop and scenic spot lighting projects. Besides, they add the dynamic projector that has a finishing touch regarding the atmospheric effects adjustments.

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