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Script killing projection project

2023-08-17  249

Script killing projection, only one kind of holographic projection, through multimedia interactive technology, realizes a new visiting experience of traditional display mode and human-computer interaction. The digital exhibition hall utilizes the latest film and animation technology, integrates unique graphic digital and multimedia technology, and attracts visitors with a variety of innovative interactive technology. Digital exhibition hall can be regarded as a comprehensive display platform integrating a variety of multimedia exhibition display systems, including digital sand table, dome theater, gobo projector interactive projection as well as touch screen and other elements. The integration of these high-tech makes the whole exhibition hall appear high-end and rich in connotation, and brings powerful visual shock to the audience.


Script killing projection is a kind of interactive entertainment integrating plot, reasoning and game. In this virtual world, participants personally experience an immersive experience that is completely different from the real world. Through holographic projection technology, participants can talk to and interact with virtual characters in the digital exhibition hall and advance the story by solving puzzles and collecting clues. Each participant plays a specific role, and developments in the story depend on each participant's actions and choices.

The Digital Showroom is not only an entertainment venue, but also a platform to demonstrate the perfect combination of technology and art. Here, visitors can enjoy exhibitions of different themes and styles, covering various fields such as movies, music and paintings. The digital sand table allows the audience to create their own favorite scenes, the dome theater immerses the audience in three-dimensional images, the Interactive projection technology allows the audience to interact with the works of art, and the touch screen provides a more intuitive visiting experience.

In the digital exhibition hall, the audience can interact with the works of art while enjoying them, and participate in the process of creating the works. The audience's participation is no longer limited to passive appreciation, but can communicate and interact with the artist to create a unique art experience. This interactivity not only enhances the audience's sense of participation and creativity, but also provides a new way for artists to interact with the audience.

Through Script killing projection, the digital gallery breaks the limitations of traditional exhibitions and brings an unprecedented visitor experience to the audience. Participants can experience different thematic storylines, puzzle games and human-computer interactions in the digital showroom, fully demonstrating the charm of multimedia interactive technology. The script-killing digital exhibition hall is becoming a new type of cultural entertainment, attracting more and more audiences to experience and participate.

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