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Creative projection lamp make garbage classification showroom more energetic

2023-08-17  177

Waste classification is an important social responsibility, which can not only make the city more civilized, but also make the whole society better. In order to popularize the knowledge of garbage classification, the garbage classification showroom adopts innovative multimedia interactive methods, which include touch all-in-one machine and somatosensory interactive games.

In this creative projection lamp for garbage classification showroom, you can not only enjoy a variety of pattern projections, but also learn important knowledge about garbage classification in interactive games. Whether you are young or old, already know something about garbage classification or know nothing about it, every visitor can find a suitable way of learning in this exhibition hall.

By showcasing the new policy on waste classification, the Waste Sorting Showroom gives visitors an insight into the national waste sorting process as well as knowledge about household waste sorting. When you are confronted with an individual piece of garbage, you can touch the screen and select the corresponding category to learn about the specific classification method for that piece of garbage. And in the somatosensory interactive game, you will personally experience the process of garbage classification and deepen your understanding of garbage classification through the interaction with garbage.

This creative projection lamp for garbage classification showroom is not only a place to learn about garbage classification, but also a vivid and lively interactive experience hall. The gobo projector brings more creativity and fun to the showroom, allowing visitors to enjoy learning about garbage classification. Here, you can see all kinds of patterns showing their unique charm under the projection light, and each pattern has its specific meaning, which makes you have fun and surprise in learning.

Apart from displaying various creative patterns, this Dynamic projection light's garbage classification showroom also provides interactive learning sessions. On the touch panel, you can answer questions about waste classification, which not only tests your knowledge, but also earns you points and rewards, stimulating your interest in learning. The physical interactive game even turns garbage classification learning into a fun competitive process, where you can compete with your family and friends and experience the importance of garbage classification together.

This creative projection lamp garbage classification showroom not only provides us with the opportunity to learn about garbage classification, but also shows us the importance of garbage classification and the bright future. It combines the knowledge of garbage classification with creative projection lamp, creating a novel and interesting learning environment for us. Let's go into this exhibition hall together and contribute to the civilization and beauty of the city in a creative and interactive way.

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