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Projector lamps in the company’s many applications

2023-07-26  240

Nowadays, the most common place for "office workers" is probably the company. We work here, eat, rest, make friends, most of our energy is spent here. The boss often says "to treat the company as home", so how do we make the company become more rigorous atmosphere, while full of light and interesting elements?

Gobo projector lights play an important role in this regard. Once in the company door, we can use the company projection lamp to project a general guide to the company, such as meeting rooms, restrooms, showrooms, etc., to facilitate new colleagues or new customers in an unfamiliar environment for navigation, more convenient.

And the company projection lamp can project the company name and logo in the front desk, which can make the front desk more atmospheric and rich. In addition, you can also set up a timer switch, when you go to work to project "cheering duck, today is another day full of energy", when you leave work to project "hard work, go home and pay attention to safety" and so on. Near the New Year, we can project similar "Happy New Year" auspicious words, so that the company is not only where we work hard together, but also our home, so that the company to add a warm and humane features.

In addition, the company's projection lamp can also be projected at the entrance of each department department name, more intuitive and conspicuous than a simple sign.

In the place where there are steps to project a "careful steps" tips, so that in and out can be seen. This simple application can improve employee safety at work.

When the wall of the company looks empty, we can project some company introduction, development history, or some positive energy words, which is convenient for new colleagues and customers to understand the company's corporate culture and show the diversity of the company.

In the leisure area, projecting some cute and interesting texts or creating a water pattern wall with water pattern lights can make the leisure area more relaxing and interesting.

At night, the company's signage does not look big enough, you can use a high power company projection lamp to project the company's name, adding a sense of atmosphere and being more cost effective at the same time. In addition, job advertisements can also be projected to instantly enhance the company's image! Changing the content is also very simple, only need to change the gobo sheet, no need to change the projection lamp.

Therefore, the Company Projection Lamp not only enriches the company's image and enhances the company's grade, but also makes our working environment more relaxing and enjoyable! Projection lamp plays an important role in the company with its multi-functional application. It not only beautifies the company's environment, but also enhances the experience of employees and customers. Let's use the projection lamp as a medium to add a warmth and vitality to the company!

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