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Portable ultra-large capacity projection lamps make mobile food trucks shine in the night market

2023-07-26  246

When walking in the dazzling food street, you will be surprised to find that some mobile food trucks are using our portable ultra-large capacity projection light. It doesn't need to be connected to a power source to be used, bringing more flexibility and convenience to mobile food trucks.

Like the waterproof rechargeable model, the portable ultra-large capacity projection light adopts a sturdy aluminum alloy shell, so you don't have to worry about rusting even when it rains. The shell is hard and thick, and it will stay completely paint-free even during the bumps on the way back.

Its interface is also an aviation waterproof interface, which is made of stainless steel, not only will not rust, but also effectively waterproof! In addition, it has a larger and more stable U-shaped bracket, and you can adjust the angle at will according to your needs, with satisfactory projection results.

The pattern of the portable gobo projector is free design, simple and atmospheric. It is very convenient to change the content by just changing the lamp piece. For example, in the upcoming Christmas, the projection content can be customized with a festive atmosphere or applied to various activities during the holiday season.

HD, high brightness, very clear, imported lamp beads are more durable. It doesn't need to be plugged in and comes with batteries for direct use. For example, a projection lamp with a 35 watt 20,000 mAh battery is equipped with a small display on the battery to show the remaining power directly, which is very convenient. The battery is super durable, lasting about 17 hours or so. It's a boon for lazy people who don't need to recharge frequently and it won't affect normal use. Both the light and the battery are equipped with a switch, you can directly control the use, so mom no longer need to worry that I can't find the remote control.

Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of this portable ultra-large capacity projection light is also very outstanding. A few hundred dollars of projection light is not at all inferior to thousands of dollars worth of light box luminous characters. The quality is also strictly guaranteed, using imported lamp beads coupled with stainless steel material, enjoying a superb warranty. It can solve the problem of advertising for five or six years and can be used in any environment and any scene.

Portable ultra-large capacity projection light leads the lighting revolution of mobile food trucks and makes them shine brightly in the night market. It gives mobile food trucks more choices and possibilities, and becomes a sharp tool to attract customers' eyes. The flexibility, convenience and excellent projection effect of the projection light add a touch of color to the mobile food trucks. In the future food street, this projection light will play a more important role, injecting infinite possibilities and vitality for mobile food trucks.

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