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Traffic safety and crosswalk projection lights with the way

2023-07-26  265

With the improvement of social living standards and the popularization of vehicle use, people are more and more worried about traffic safety. Traffic accidents usually happen when drivers or pedestrians are distracted, in a hurry or when traffic lights are inconspicuous, etc. People tend to take chances, however, this is more likely to lead to accidents. So, how can this problem be avoided and solved?

First of all, it is very important to popularize traffic safety knowledge. Our country has also made a lot of efforts in this regard. For example, outdoor LED displays are installed at the entrance of neighborhoods to show animations, cases and knowledge of traffic safety, so as to raise people's awareness of traffic safety. In addition, while waiting for traffic lights, we will hear announcements not to run red lights to remind distracted pedestrians not to take risks. However, many traffic accidents occur in places with poor visibility, especially at night when the environment is dim. At this point, using the new traffic warning crosswalk projection light is a good choice.

Crosswalk projection light usually adopts high-power gobo projector light, which can project clear and bright patterns without worrying that the night environment is too dark to see clearly. It can remind pedestrians and drivers in time, attract their attention, effectively regulate the traffic behavior of pedestrians and improve the traffic order of the city. Not only can it project crosswalk, but also customize other contents, such as pedestrian reminder, parking violation photo, waiting outside crosswalk, speed limit sign, etc. It is not only high brightness and high definition, but also very eye-catching.

The crosswalk projection light has a one-piece design with excellent waterproof performance and corrosion resistance. With Kraft waterproof sealant and waterproof silicone pads made of high polymer and high temperature resistant materials, it can be used outdoors with confidence. It has IP65 waterproof grade, which can withstand the extremely cold Northeast snow as well as the scorching heat of Guangzhou, and can be safely used in the temperature range of -40℃~60℃.

Therefore, traffic safety and crosswalk projection light can be the best match! At the same time, we hope that you can pay attention to your own safety when traveling and arrive at your destination safely!

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