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Projection lamps have these benefits except projection advertising

2021-11-27  421

Maybe many people have heard about the projector product. For the projector product, everyone will not be strange. In the supermarkets, coffee shops, pedestrian streets, park and western restaurants and other places, especially at night, some patterns of various colors are moving; some are still, either on the ground or on the wall, which is very eye-catching. However, many people think that it is an advertising projector in their subconscious minds. They also feel that the projector is suitable for the advertisements projected by various shops. The projectors are used for brand promotion, and in daily life activities, the projector will also add many colors. The following is a few examples of projector use listed case.
We easily see the projector at the wedding, which projects a dynamic and warns picture filling the whole wedding scene with a romantic atmosphere.


The park adds a touch of fun to the monotonous night and makes people who are busy in the daylight relax in the park and see colorful patterns. They will inevitably be filled with infinite reveries about life.


At home, projecting onto the wall and ceiling to turn into a star-filled night sky makes the bedroom very comfortable. The quiet starry night sky creates a wonderful and quiet environment.

photobank (16)
The projector can also be used in the lighting of urban roads. Although the city's life is rich and colorful, it is also necessary to decorate it with colorful lights.

Applying the ground gobo projection lights to zebra crossing, it’s tremendously creative action in Shandong China.

When you look up, it is no longer the cold mixed steel concrete. It is a scene of dynamic scenes. When you work overtime very late and walk alone on the street, you don't feel lonely when you see the projector at the foot of the road. When you don't know what should be hung on the wall, you can use the projector to project anything. It can be used as an advertising projection and achieve good results in atmosphere creation and urban lighting projects.

Where can the projector be used? What factors affect the size of the logo projection pattern?