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What factors affect the size of the logo projection pattern?

2021-11-29  555

Logo projector refers to projecting the logo on the carrier by projection to form the purpose of advertising. The principle of projection reflection images is the logo projector. From the physical principle, the projection is mapped from the vector space to itself linear transformation, which satisfies the projection requirements; that's to say when an object acts on a certain value twice, the result is the same as a result obtained by acting once. It is the formalization and generalization of the concept of "parallel projection" in daily life. Just as the sunlight projects things on the ground in reality, the projection transformation maps the entire vector space to one of its subspace, and the subspace is an identity transformation.
The above mention, we have learned the basic principle of the projection, maybe many customers will have these doubts: what factors affect the size of the logo projection pattern?
Different power of the logo projector has different projection distance, and the projected maximum effective area is also different. The following affect the size of the projected pattern.
1. The lens size of the logo projection lamp. The large the lens of the logo projector, the large the projection pattern area under the same projection distance. About the lens size of the logo projector with different power, you can consult the salesperson. In general, the higher the power, the larger the lens size is relatively larger.

2. The projection distance. The longer the projected distance, the large the content's projected advertising pattern. The shorter the projection distance, the size of the advertising pattern will be smaller.
3. The focal length problem. The principle is the same as the projection distance's influence on the projected pattern's area. The longer the focal length, the larger the content of the projected advertising pattern. It emphasizes that if the projection distance is determined in actual applications, the area size of the projection pattern is not changed by adjusting the focus. And we should consider the clarity of the projected advertising content, simply adjusting the focus can easily cause the projection pattern to be unclear.
4. The size of the gobo installed on the logo projector and the size of the content of the gobo. The size of general gobos is 60mm, 90mm, etc. The projected pattern area of gobos of different sizes will also have a certain difference.
5. The problem of the size of the power of the logo projector. In a different situation, the larger the power, the larger the projected pattern, and the better the clarity of the projector. But it has a standard, and if the projection distance is too close, the high-power logo projector will also be prone to the "over-color" phenomenon resulting in too dark colors and dazzling patterns.

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The above-mentioned is affecting the size of the logo projector. If you need to buy the logo projector, you have better make a projection plan before purchasing a projector. Wanting to gain the projection plan, you can contact the staff of the Aladdin projector manufacturer to obtain it!

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