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Outdoor high-power advertising projection lamp compared to ordinary advertising way is better

2022-10-28  348

Outdoor high-power advertising projector lamp is better than ordinary advertising way where outdoor advertising media development to now, has been born to various types of advertising equipment and outdoor advertising projector lamp although is a new advertising equipment, but favored by the major enterprises. So outdoor high power advertising projection lamp compared to ordinary advertising way better?

First, because the outdoor general brightness is relatively high, there are all kinds of environmental light interference to the projection lamp effect, ordinary spray painting cloth, LED billboards receive the effect is general, and Noparde high-power projection lamp using Osram lamp beads, ten layers of high-quality coating lens, a clearer imaging, the projection effect is more clear and clear.


Second, the larger the outdoor advertising format, the better the effect, but the LED screen, common luminous word is according to the square charge, covering the wider the area, the higher the cost of the river, but the Latin product high-power projection lamp manufacturers direct sales, adhering to the quality effect of the first concept at the same time, price also pay special attention to, this is also why Aladdin brand in many projection lamp brand out of one of the reasons. And the projection lamp imaging wants to project the larger the frame, the farther the projection distance, or take the second scheme-to replace the projection lens, with the most cost-effective way to achieve the most ideal effect.

Third, the ordinary outdoor advertising way to change the content needs to be redone, may just want to change the store activities need to make advertising, and Aladdin projection lamp content is customized on the pattern lamp, want to change the content only need to change the lamp, change the content is easier to operate, the cost is lower.


With the development of advertising industry today, how to find a more energy-saving, lower cost, and low effect of advertising is a problem that the whole industry is exploring, and the emergence of Noparde outdoor high-power projection lamp solves the whole problem, which is better than almost any other traditional advertising media.

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