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High-power projection lamp —— is specially designed for big scenes,Qatar World Cup

2022-11-10  360

The most hot news recently is that the 2022 World Cup has started.

Qatar World Cup 2022 The Qatar World Cup 2022 (FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022), the 22nd FIFA World Cup, was held on November 20,2022 (November 21, Beijing time) in eight of five cities in Qatar. The tournament has made Qatar the third Asian country to host the World Cup after Japan and South Korea, the first Islamic country to host it, and the first country to never qualify for the World Cup finals after World War II.Beijing time on August 12,2022, FIFA announced that the 2022 Qatar World Cup opened one day early, on November 21 at 0:00 Beijing time, the opening game to host Qatar vs Ecuador; the final will be on December 18 at 23:00 Beijing time at Lucsel stadium.

Because of the wall advertising visible every day, high access rate of low cost characteristics, in this fast-paced era has also become an important part of advertising. But which of the methods is more intuitive, more efficient, more creative and more flexible?

We compared a lot of wall advertising manufacturers, found that the Noparde brand of high-power projection lights the most deep in my heart!

Compared with some large billboards, wall advertising 5 yuan-10 yuan / CPM or even lower, basically can achieve the village has advertising, everyone knows the brand effect, it can be said that it is very cost-effective. For example, do a 6 meter big advertising 1000 yuan or so can do it.


And the content of advertising projection is free design. Not only is the billboard like the text, telephone, arrows, like the enterprise logo, real person photos, all kinds of beautiful border background can be achieved. Bright colors, eye-catching, the advertising text is concise and clear, easy to understand, there is no complicated scene picture interference with the theme, so the transmission speed of outdoor advertising in a few seconds is the most effective.

And the advertising projection lamp is more novel. With the development of night tour cultural travel, night has become the exclusive "electricity storage time" for more and more people. But high-power advertising projection lights do not have to worry about like spray painting cloth spray painting film, to the night can not see not to see the situation, the more night more beautiful, clear and bright huge advertising is more attractive. And more humanized, different places, different times, the audience can see, do not occupy people's time, will not make the audience produce reverse psychology, but can achieve the advertising communication effect of dripping water wears through a stone.

Not only the advertising cost is low, the projection effect is good, the service life will be longer than the general wall advertising. Generally, the timeliness of wall advertising is mostly about one year, but the service life of Noparde brand advertising projector lamp is about 50,000 h, which can be used for at least 5-6 years on average. Like the advertising content is also laser carving technology, the lamp sheet material is all provided by Corning of the United States, has a very excellent high temperature resistance characteristics, the light transmittance is higher than 30% of the domestic content, so the effect is more lasting and more beautiful. Replacement of advertising content is convenient and fast, only need to change the lamp piece inside can be, equivalent to solving the advertising problem of 5-6 years.


The service life is also due to the materials and accessories that are excellent enough! For example, the LED beads used in the lamps is a special chip of the international first-line brand Germany Osram and Huawei optical fiber designated supplier SAN'an Optoelectronics. Using long laboratory data is not less than 50000 hours and light decay is not more than 25%. The power supply used by the lamps is also a long-term cooperation of the HLG Gold series. More durable and more stable effect is better!

Like outdoor advertising and a very important point is the problem of waterproof machine. Integrated design waterproof sealing is better and more corrosion resistant, Kraft waterproof sealant + polymer high temperature resistant material waterproof silicone pad waterproof effect is better. IP65 level waterproof can be used safely outdoors, not only waterproof and more resistant to high temperature and low temperature, whether in the northeast minus heavy snow, or in Guangzhou late summer sunny, -40℃ ~60℃ can be used safely. Strictly in accordance with the waterproof IP65 grade for testing, qualified after delivery.

Noparde brand high-power projection lamp can not only solve the problem of advertising, its own novel and lofty characteristics have also been favored by various brand enterprises. I believe that in the near future, more and more industries will cooperate with Noparde brand, let us look forward to and make progress together!

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