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Beijing Badaling Great Wall Historical and cultural wall pedestrian Street

2022-10-17  561

As the saying goes, "not to the Great Wall is not a true man", the Badaling Great Wall history is called one of the nine plugs in the world, is the essence of the Great Wall. As night falls, the Badaling Great Wall shines like a bright dragon.

In front of the Winter Olympics torch relay booth, the snow fell down, even in the hot heat of summer. Walking along the Cultural Street to the city entrance, the light and shadow on the trees linger, and the dazzling projection on the ground shows the customs of the four seasons.

300瓦大功率0.65镜头8米距离 3

And the flash on the ground is the Noparde brand projector light display. There were also many problems encountered in the process of the lighting project. As early as early April, Mr.Wang, the head of the Cultural Street project, had already contacted us to light up the 70-meter-long Cultural Street under the Badaling Great Wall.


At the beginning, Mr.Wang was ready to install on a tree, the projection distance of 3-4 meters, because the need to cover the street five meters wide street, he recommended the clever special projection light, the dynamic effect is more realistic. After Mr.Wang took the sample, he felt that the pattern flowers were too small, so he chose to replace the customized 1:1 scale lens while ensuring the pattern size. However, because the projection light was finally installed on the city wall, the height was adjusted to 8 meters, the projection brightness and size did not meet expectations, and the plan was formulated to replace the 1:0.65 lens.

300瓦大功率0.65镜头8米距离 2

After three plan changes in a month, I finally met Mr.Wang's requirements. In May, 300-watt pattern projection lights were determined, with firefly lights and starry sky lights to light the whole cultural street.

At present, Badaling has opened the night Great Wall experience, open to tourists every Friday, Saturday and legal holidays, continuing until the "National Day" holiday. It is summer vacation, take family and friends to the cultural street, climb the Great Wall!

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