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Common materials of advertising projection light sheet and material comparison

2023-07-10  164

Advertising projection light sheet is an important part of advertising projection, and the choice of material is crucial when choosing an advertising projection light sheet. The following will introduce several common materials of advertising projection light sheet and compare them.

I. Film

Film is a common material for advertising projection light film. It is simple to make and less costly. However, film has a short life span, is prone to fading, and has a low contrast ratio, which affects the imaging effect. In addition, the ignition point of film is relatively low, which can easily cause equipment failure. Therefore, the film light sheet needs to be replaced frequently, which increases the maintenance cost.

Two, iron film

Iron is another common material for advertising projection lamp. It is more complicated in the production process, especially in the laser engraving complex patterns difficult, easy to cause the picture missing, affecting the imaging effect. Compared to film, iron sheet does not have obvious advantages in terms of light transmission performance, contrast, etc.

Three, glass film

Glass is the main manufacturing material of high-quality lamp sheet for gobo projector. It has good optical properties, outstanding laser engraving effect and high light transmission performance. In addition, the glass lamp sheet also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and long service life. Compared with film and iron, the price of the glass sheet is higher, especially the glass sheet manufactured with resin optics, the price is several times or even hundreds of times of the first two. However, considering the imaging effect and long service life, glass film is still one of the ideal choices for advertising projection lamp film.

To sum up, there are three choices of materials for advertising projection light sheets: film, iron and glass. Film is simple but short-lived, iron is more complex, and glass has good optical properties and high temperature resistance. In terms of price, the price of film and iron is relatively close, while the price of glass is higher. Considering the imaging effect and service life, glass film is the better choice. Although the price is higher, it can provide a better projection effect while having a longer service life. Therefore, it is recommended to give preference to the glass sheet material when choosing the advertising projection light sheet.

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