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How to use the text projector?

2021-08-25  312

With the rapid development of the Times, projectors are becoming common in life. For example, when everyone goes out shopping, eating and walking, they can see the shadow of the projector. But many people don’t know how to use the text projector. Today let’s introduce.

1. Stores use:

1) New stores use: It can project the stores' name, logo and some activities of the new stores to attract many people’s attention. And it makes others pay attention to our stores and the activities;

2) Old stores: To further upgrade the reputation of the old stores, it can project interested copy-writing. What’s more, it can save cost and doesn’t take up space. In addition, they can create individuation and difference. Even it can do some decorations to attract people’s attention to some extent and drain again.


2. Safety traffic use:

When people go out, maybe they see someone run a stop-light and have an illegal parking,so that we can use the text projectors to warn some people whether they pay attention to and parking illegally for warning.

3. Use of signs:

When going out with friends, maybe we are not similar to a new place, and we can’t find the place where we want to go, such as the cinema, the toilet, the elevator. In this situation, we can use text projectors to project the sign of the road. For example, it can project “Caution! Wet floor” in the toilet and project “Caution! Watch the steps” in the elevator, and a fire exit projects the corridor. Not only can it remind customers, but also it can improve the user’s experience.

4. Exhibition Hall:

Maybe some clients who take part in the exhibition are not similar to our brand and the products, in this way, we can project some annotations and learn more from us, at the same time we can show the technology and varieties of our brand. For example, it is also suitable for the Botanical garden and aquarium.

5. The content of Noparde text projector can be customized. Designers can design for free, and when changing contents, they can only change the lamp slice.



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