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How to realize the effect of mountain projection well?   

2023-08-01  228

A mountain projection show uses a huge mountain scenery giant screen as a carrier, combining light and shadow with mountain scenery to show the new look of mountain scenery at night. So, how can you implement a great mountain projection show?

First of all, it is crucial to choose a top quality outdoor projection design company. Such a company not only has a wealth of experience, but also brings together a wide range of professionals such as artists, engineers and animators. Only with their concerted efforts can they design a scientifically sound, artistically expressive and practically feasible mountain projection design program.

Secondly, the viewer's perspective must be considered in the lighting design. Due to the height of the mountain, the distance between the viewing area and the projection screen should be relatively far. Therefore, the designer of the light show must be sensitive to the viewing angle, calculate the distance and the viewer's perspective when the viewer looks up, and determine the best viewing position both horizontally and vertically. Such a design will not only shield the visiting audience from shaded light sources, but will also avoid the discomfort caused by tilting the head.

In order to realize a good experience, scientific planning is also needed to combine the natural landscape with the art of light and shadow. Through the light gobo projector projection to show the characteristics of the natural landscape of the mountains and rivers, to improve visual comfort, so that the beauty of the mountains and rivers vibrant night image can be displayed, so that viewers can immerse themselves in the serene beauty of nature.

At the same time, the choice of high standard projection equipment is also crucial. Only by ensuring that the picture brightness, smoothness and colors are up to standard can the projection effect be at its best. Of course, the core of a mountain projection show lies in the broadcast content. Therefore, the design of the projection content needs to be unique and creative, which can draw inspiration from the natural landscape or add fashionable and cool elements in order to create a unique and novel visual feast.

Finally, combined with the regional flavor and cultural foundation, the deep excavation of the theme IP story, with all kinds of light shows, to create storytelling, situational, immersive scene experience, in order to achieve the fission of the scene and stable traffic diversion.

Dee Optoelectronics Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive service provider integrating planning, design and construction. Through a comprehensive analysis of the mountain, we use high-end projection technology to integrate with the natural landscape, creating a fantastic light and shadow feast, adding temperature and characteristics to the night environment, and allowing visitors to have emotional resonance.

The above are the suggestions on how to manifest great effects in mountain projection shows. We hope these suggestions will help you with your project.

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