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How to make a smart water screen with projection lights  

2023-08-02  179

Intelligent water curtain is a kind of dynamic water feature that utilizes high-density free-fall water flow controlled by advanced technology to form various patterns, words and figures through precise time difference changes and projection of gobo projector. It is widely used in stages, bars, showrooms, shopping malls and other places with its unique visual effects and innovative control methods, becoming a popular landscape decoration and entertainment element.

The production process of Intelligent Water Curtain Dynamic Water Features requires the use of high-tech control technology. By precisely controlling the time difference and flow rate of the water flow, changes in the height, speed and shape of the water flow can be realized, thus forming a variety of exquisite patterns, words and figures. Intelligent water curtain dynamic water features can be divided into ordinary and high-definition types according to its clarity. Ordinary intelligent water curtain due to the limitations of early manufacturing technology and experience, the number of water flow is limited and rough, relatively low resolution, the display of patterns, text and figures are not clear enough, so it is also known as the "CNC water curtain". The high-definition intelligent water curtain is more advanced manufacturing technology, the water flow is more delicate, higher resolution, can present a clearer, more detailed patterns and text.

Intelligent curtain dynamic water features can also be divided into program-controlled, music and instant three types according to the different control methods. Program-controlled intelligent water curtain through the preset program to automatically control the pattern, text and numbers in the order of change, so that it presents a unique visual effect. Music intelligent water curtain will be the pattern, text and digital changes and the rhythm of the organic combination of music to achieve synchronized display, giving people a shocking audio-visual experience.

Intelligent water curtain dynamic water features are widely used in the stage, bars, showrooms, shopping malls and other places. In stage performances, intelligent water curtain can be combined with music, lighting and stage effects to present the audience with a spectacular visual feast and enhance the artistic effect of the performance. In bars and showrooms, intelligent water curtains can create a unique atmosphere, attract the attention of customers and enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of the venue. In shopping malls, intelligent water curtain dynamic water features can be used as an innovative form of advertising to attract customers' attention and increase product exposure.

The application of intelligent water curtains is not only limited to entertainment venues, but can also play a unique role in the field of real estate. In real estate display, intelligent water curtain can be used as a kind of attracting people's attention to the highlights, with waterline lights, show the characteristics and advantages of the project, enhance the image and recognition of the project.

In conclusion, with its unique visual effect and innovative control method, intelligent water curtain dynamic water features have become a popular decorative and entertainment element for stages, bars, showrooms, shopping malls and other venues. Its wide application brings a unique atmosphere and attraction to these venues, bringing visual and auditory enjoyment to the audience and customers. With the continuous progress of technology, intelligent water curtain will also have a broader application prospect in the future.

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