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How to purchase the projection lamp?

2021-12-22  358

We often see the traces of the projector in some places and then are shocked by the effect it presents.


After seeing it, we also want to have this effect, and we plan to purchase a projector. But we must pay attention to the following chosen tips.

1. According to the different on-site use environments, in addition to the effect of the projector, we also consider the environmental protection and energy saving of the product in the later period. We suggest that you can buy a projector with higher luminous flux and lower energy consumption.

2. It is good to choose a suit power, such as 50watt, 80watt. If there are special requirements, you can purchase a higher wattage. But it is not recommended to buy a higher power projector, and it is a requirement for ordinary projection.

3. Understand the maintenance items of the projectors in the early stage. It is best to choose the projection manufacturer to purchase the projectors, such as Aladdin Noparde Projector, which promises that all the projectors can be contracted within 2 years.

4. Understand which brand of the main components of the projector is, such as the blub of the projector and the power supply of the projectors. These main components are best selected internationally, and the product quality is relatively good.

What’s more, we must clarify the specific purpose of purchasing a projector. For example, when using outdoors, you need to choose an IP65 dust-proof and waterproof projector when purchasing a projector.


The above are the chosen tips about the projector. Also, you can contact the Aladdin Noparde projector. Welcome to purchase!

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