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How to purchase and modify the font of the projected text projector?

2021-11-30  726

A text projector called an advertising projector in this industry refers to the projector product projected text. A text projector can project huge text or text and a projection logo. No matter what style of projection is used, it can be integrated. In addition to projecting text, the text projector can also project patterns, colorful text combinations and monochrome text combinations. The text projector is good; how do we choose when choosing the text projector? The following is choosing the text projector standard.

The text projector belongs to the projection lamp, and we can choose the text projector according to the projector’s standard. First, we ensure the projection effect when purchasing the projector and whether we are satisfied with it. Secondly, we can learn more about the enterprises. Only the factory direct sales will not produce the intermediate price difference to purchase the projector products we need more affordable. Thirdly, it is the text projector’s price. This standard is related to whether the manufacturer is direct sales.


How to modify the text in the text projector?

There is no doubt that many people don’t know how to modify the text projector. We all know that the text projected by the text projector is not easy to modify. The only way is to replace the projection lens. We need to contact the projector manufacturer, and the projector manufacturer can customize the lamp film according to the requirements you need to modify. Then we replace the lamp piece of the projector spotlight to complete the text modification.


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