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How to modify the font projected by the text projector?

2021-12-01  397

Text projector belongs to the projection lamp. The text projector projects the font onto the carrier for display. In addition, the text projector can project huge display poems, prose and trend stalk on the Internet. The text projector can be displayed in various places, such as KTV, restaurants, bars and other places to play the role of atmosphere creation. The attractiveness of general projection content will have a certain period. The Internet era will change quickly. Today this thing is popular. Maybe tomorrow it will be regressed. Therefore, it is necessary to learn that how to modify the font in the text projector. The following is that how to modify the font projected by the text projector. This is an example as following!


We need to understand what is made from the text projector and what ways can project the font. Only by understanding the projection principle can you know how to modify the fonts in the text projector. The text projector is the same as many projectors. It is composed of bulbs, lamp films, movies and circuit boards. The projection principle is to irradiate the strong light onto the lamp piece by engraving the delicate piece to refract the light and irradiate the light onto the external carrier to form a pattern.

Now we know the projection principle of the text projector, and we know that the text projector needs to modify the text and replace the lamp. The lamp draws the content and text that need to be projected in advance by drawing on the computer through cad. After the design is completed, the designed pattern is engraved on the lamp by the laser engraving machine, and then you can start replacing the text. For the detailed steps of replacing the lamp, please look at the above picture.


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