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How to correct the angle of the projector?

2021-11-02  680

Maybe many people think that the projector only projects straight lines and can't be cast diagonally. In this time, we should correct the angle when casting diagonally. The projector is a new projection lamp. The content on the projector lens is projected on the external opaque medium through the lens projection method. Compared with other advertising projectors, the projector has lower energy efficiency, lower budget and lower maintenance cost. But many advertisers are worried that the idea that the projector can not only be projected in a straight line is wrong. The projector can not only project in a straight line and project at an oblique angle.

How to correct the oblique projection angle of the projector?
In this aspect of the projector angle correction, the Noparde projector manufacturer is well-known in the entire field. The Noparde has its unique angle correction calculation method, which can correct the projector's angle at any angle below 80 degrees. It corrects the image to the correct projection angle so that the projected image can appear linear. Whether it is an 80 degree or 70-degree projection pattern, we can correct it to a straight projection by calculating the projector's correct angle.

Noparde projector manufacturer provides the projection plan design for the project projection. We have had some projection engineers for decades, and we can provide perfect project lighting projection plans to help customers project the angle according to the projection cases. We help you correct the projector's angle according to the on-site environment as long as you give us the projection location and the places that need to be projected and imaged.

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