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What problems we should pay attention to when installing the advertising projector

2021-11-01  725

As everyone explores the application range of projectors in many ways, Noparde advertising projector is becoming more and more common in the market. But many young people who first have learned about the Noparde advertising projector don’t know what issues should be paid attention to when installing and using projectors.


1. Because the advertising projector belongs to lighting imaging, a carrier must receive the projected patterns to an image. For example, if some customers want to project it in the sky, it will not affect, as an old-fashioned flashlight used. It will have a white aperture when facing the wall, but facing the sky has no effects. The advertising projectors have the same principle.


2. Noparde advertising projector has a higher requirement for the projection background. The flatness of the background is more important. It is not recommended to project uneven places such as trees, rolling shutters, curtains, stairs, etc. It will have a certain impact on the projected patterns or text. The patterns, numbers and text may be staggered according to the unevenness of the background, which will affect the effect.


The case of distant projection will be better. The long-distance the projection, the patterns or text, the area covered by the patterns or text will also become larger. The effect will be affected for the special projection location, such as the transparent glass and the water, etc. Light will show through the transparent 、the frosted or tinted glass will be better, the color of the projected patterns on the water will be slightly lighter.


The background of the projected patterns is very important. As some customers’ stores are opened, the pattern is projected on the red carpet, or some warning signs are projected on the green floor of the factory, etc. The dark background color will also affect the pattern effect, so it is recommended to project a light background for the best effect.


The angle of projection will also have a greater impact on the pattern effect. Take the old-fashioned flashlight as an example. The aperture is a perfect circle when projecting on the wall, and the aperture will become an ellipse when projecting obliquely. Like the Noparde projector, when the projection angle is too large, the circular pattern will become an ellipse, the square pattern will become a trapezoid, and the text in the pattern will also be elongated have a certain impact on the projection effect. Therefore, when installing, it’s recommended to adjust the angle and position of the projector, and it usually adjusts within 30 degrees.


You won’t be worried that the angle is too large. Noparde brand has perfect pattern correction technology. Compared with other common manufacturers, the Noparde brand does the correction technology freely as long as you tell us the projection distance and the angle. After the correction, the problem of pattern distortion can’t be seen.


The above are the problems of installing advertising projectors. Have you learned it?

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