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How to choose starry sky light projection?

2023-08-11  135

Advertising starry sky projection light is an innovative projected starry sky lamp that has an attractive appearance and shows excellent results both on the ground and on the ceiling. If you are planning to buy this kind of lamp, you first need to clarify your purpose of use, whether it is an outdoor or indoor scene. Since the effect will be completely different depending on how it is used, it needs to be adapted to the specific situation and can be categorized into two distinctions: advertising projection and ambient projection.

Advertising starry sky projection light not only has the effect of starry sky light, but also added some advertising elements, this way is more promotional effect, through the projection of the company's logo or advertising slogan to form a promotional image, so as to achieve the purpose of publicity. And ambient starry sky lights with different, mainly to create a characteristic atmosphere scene, such as a variety of light show, which belongs to the ambient projection lights of a kind. It is also a good choice to place a star gobo projector at home and feel the flow of time at night.

It is worth noting that if the Advertising starry sky projection light is used in outdoor projection distance far away scene, you need to use some high power projection lights. The power of high power lamps can reach 7000 watts, using a new metal halide light source, with excellent luminous effect and color rendering, the output luminous flux can reach 380,000 lumens.

Due to the higher power, such Advertising starry sky projection light is more effective for outdoor use, but you also need to pay attention to the treatment of heat dissipation. Some high-power projection lamps are suitable for large indoor ceilings, such as stadiums, large palaces and other places of performance, the effect is excellent. In terms of outdoor advertising, this kind of starlight also has a good application prospect. And when using projection lights indoors, you can choose small power lamps and change the content or pattern by replacing the lamp pieces.

When used indoors, you need to pay attention to the wiring of the wires. If the wiring is poor, it may lead to fire or power loss. Using too much power for a long time may turn into a high workload, so good service from the store staff is needed in this regard.

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