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What is a flame projection lamp?

2023-08-11  228

In the industry, flame projection lamp is known as a floating shadow lamp. This gobo projector can be used to project a flame-like pattern of water by projecting a flaming pattern and giving the effect of various objects floating. By utilizing the Dynamic water ripple light, the red water ripple pattern is projected and creates a fluttering effect, which creates a visual error in our vision, making the scene look like a blazing fire.

As a unique fixture, the Flame Projection Lamp is uniquely suited to create special effects. It can not only create a realistic flame effect, but also can project the fluttering effect of other objects, giving the audience a new visual experience.

The application range of flame projection light is very wide. In stage performances, it can create a realistic flame background for actors, increase the stage effect and make the performance more vivid. In entertainment places such as nightclubs and bars, flame projection lights can be used as a kind of ambient projection lights to create a passionate atmosphere and attract people's attention. In commercial exhibitions, product launches and other events, it can also attract the audience's eyes and enhance the attraction of the event.

Not only that, the flame projection light also has a certain degree of safety. It adopts LED light source, which does not produce open flame, so it will not cause fire. At the same time, this kind of projection lamp has lower energy consumption, longer life span and relatively low cost of use.

In conclusion, flame projection lamp is a kind of lamp that can create a real flame effect, creating a unique flame-like scene through special lighting treatment and technical means. It is widely used in stage performances, entertainment venues and commercial activities, etc., bringing a new visual experience to the audience. The safety and energy-saving properties of flame projection lamp also make them a highly favored product in the lighting industry. It is an ideal choice whether you want to create unique stage effects or to increase the attractiveness of your event.

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