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How to choose among the many projection lamps on the market?

2023-09-04  236

The many types of projection lamps on the market make it difficult for many customers to make a choice. So, how should we choose the best projection lamp for ourselves? In this article, I will introduce you to the different uses of each type of projection lamp to help you make an informed choice.

First of all, take our Noparde gobo projector as an example, the types of Noparde projection lamps are mainly divided into two categories: power-connected models and portable projection lamps. The power-connected models are further divided into advertising and lighting categories. If you want to project advertisements, then you can choose the most common advertising projector. This kind of projection lamp has many different wattages to choose from, whether you want to project 2-3 meters of doorway advertisement or hundreds of meters of wall investment advertisement, all of them can be matched perfectly. In addition, this projection lamp can be designed free of charge for private customization of content, and only need to replace the projection lamp sheet to achieve the change of the picture, with a super cost-effective.

If you want a more unique projection effect, then the gradient color change projection lamp may meet your requirements. It can realize automatic switching of multiple colors, and the colors are more brilliant and eye-catching. Whether it is advertising projection or background wall projection, it can bring you unexpected effects.


For those who project more content, we recommend trying the multi-graph projection lamps. multi-graph projection lamps can realize the automatic switching of multiple pictures, thus making the content richer and more diverse. In addition, it can also realize DMX512 joint control effect, so it is also suitable for all kinds of lighting projects and light shows.

If you want the installation of the projection lamp to be more hidden and beautiful, then you can choose the embedded projection lamp and the track model. The embedded projection lamp can be completely hidden inside the wall, only the lens part is exposed, just like the ceiling light of home decoration. It is suitable for most installation scenarios. While the track model projection lamp can be installed on your own track, just snap the base, easy to operate, and can be integrated with the lighting. This kind of projection light is commonly used in background wall, ground guidance and advertising and other scenes.


As for the rechargeable model projection lamp, it is just like our cell phone plus rechargeable treasure, which can be carried anywhere and anytime. It is suitable for going out to advertise, organizing activities and making proposals and confessions. Vehicle-mounted projection light is similar to a cell phone with a data cable, which can be used in night markets, stalls, food streets, mobile food trucks and factory forklifts. Whether it is for advertising or as Safety Warning Projector, such as projecting some signs warning "Beware of forklift", "Pay attention to avoid", you can use it.

In the lighting project, you can choose the lighting atmosphere master - Dynamic water ripple light, it can easily create a cool summer ripple effect, and the projection area is large, by the major scenic spots and lighting projects favor.

If you pursue realistic effect, then you can choose dynamic special effects projection light. Swimming in the water ripples on the living koi pattern, not only means good, as if also put people in the underwater world.


The name of the Starry Sky Lamp is consistent with its effect, which creates the effect of a starry sky with just one Starry Sky Lamp. It has an automatic switching function of 7 colors and a wide imaging area, which is suitable for scenic spots, bars, KTVs, Netflix card stores and other places, and is able to create a unique special effect.

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Finally, there are many types of projection lamps, choose the right one according to your needs. Whether you want to use it for advertising, backdrop, lighting project or other scenes, you will always find the right product for you.

The above are just examples, there are many other brands and types of projection lamps available on the market. Therefore, before making a decision, it is recommended that you do some research beforehand to understand the characteristics and scope of use of different models of projection lamps, so as to make the most suitable choice for your needs.

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