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What is the uniqueness of the multi-image projection light which is “1” against “4”?

2023-07-21  137

With the arrival of the eyeball economy and the age of visual civilization, ordinary light advertising can no longer meet the needs of businessmen. For this reason, we have launched a multi-graph projection lamps to meet the needs of more and more users for changing patterns. Compared with single gobo projector lamps, multi-graph projection lamps can present richer, more innovative and personalized projection content.

So, what are the advantages of multi-graph projection lamps compared to other ordinary projection lamps?

First of all, it supports 2 to 4 gobos in rotation, and under the default setting, it switches to the next gobo every 5 seconds. Equivalent to a lamp top four ordinary projection lamps, for example, in the store use, you can project the name of the store, activities, advertising, ****, etc., the display content is richer. And in the company use, can project the company's name, logo, products, company profile, corporate culture, etc., to show customers the diversity of the company. And when used in lighting, it can project flowers, plants, trees, insects, fish, birds and animals, etc., to create a more distinctive visual effect.

Secondly, multi-graph projection light not only supports automatic pattern rotation switching, but also can be fixed on a certain pattern. For example, a user of Haidilao customized the multi-graph projection lamps, usually let the pattern rotation to promote the store and activities, and on the day of the event, it can be fixed on the activity interface, so that everyone can participate in the activity. In addition, some cozy reminders can be projected to enhance the user experience. This approach is both convenient and easy to use, and can be controlled via remote control or buttons on the back of the lamp.

Once again, although the Multi-Picture Projector Lamp sounds "grand", its price is more cost-effective than multiple ordinary projectors. Furthermore, we have introduced the "Rotating Multi-Picture Projector Lamp", which makes the pattern no longer limited to static images, but can be rotated 360 degrees in place, which is even more appealing to the eye!

Finally, the effect of multiple multi-graph projection lamps linkage switching pattern is very shocking, very suitable for scenic light show or lighting use. It supports DMX512 joint control, a host lamps and lanterns set up, other lamps and lanterns can be synchronized with it. In the scenic area, the studio, the park and other places, our multi-graph projection light effect is extremely eye-catching, making these places different and more distinctive. Multi-picture switching to meet the needs of various styles, naturally become a powerful assistant to attract tourists, attracting many Netflix ladies to come to take pictures and cards!

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