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How to achieve neither monotony nor overdramatization in architectural city lighting?

2023-08-31  126

At present, the night lighting of the city is getting more and more attention from people. This is mainly attributed to the development of the social level, the improvement of human living standards makes the city lighting not only meet the needs of people's lives, but also meet the needs of social development and business competition.

On the other hand, from the perspective of economic benefits, with the continuous progress of society and rapid economic growth, domestic cities have carried out night lighting municipal construction. These lighting facilities provide convenience for people and bring great benefits to the country and individuals. In addition, brightening lighting projects are inseparable in modern life and urban development. As a carrier of modern human life, cities should also vocalize the theme of energy conservation. Lighting of cities is a positive response to economic and energy waste. From the perspective of urban environment, colorful lights not only outline the city, but also provide a good living environment.

The lighting industry also has different views and understandings of nighttime lighting, especially in architectural lighting design. Some people believe that city lighting should be full of rich colors to represent different styles of the city. While others believe that city lighting should emphasize the colors of the city's symbols and avoid using too many colors to match the personality of the city. In the specific design, the development of city lighting is inseparable from the development of the whole city. So, what is the "pursuit" of urban lighting?

In a tourist-oriented city, too quiet lighting is not appropriate. In a technological city, too much colorful and varied lighting may seem incongruous. Therefore, the selection of equipment such as gobo Projector and lighting tools requires in-depth research and specific judgment in terms of appropriate color, rational use and control of dynamic frequency. This depends on, but is not limited to, empirical knowledge of color.

Therefore, in order to achieve the goal of architectural urban illumination that is neither monotonous nor overdone, we need to consider the characteristics and needs of the city in a comprehensive manner. Lighting designers in illumination lighting design, should be based on the city's style and iconic colors for reasonable selection and collocation, to ensure that the city lighting not only meets the functional needs, but also to show the unique characteristics and style. In addition, we should pay attention to the balance and harmony of the color, avoid excessive use of brightness and color, through a reasonable layout and control, to create a comfortable and pleasant night environment.

In short, architectural urban lighting should not only meet people's needs and promote social development, but also avoid monotony and over-rendering, which requires the joint efforts of lighting designers and urban planners. Only on the basis of comprehensive consideration of the characteristics and needs of the city, the use of reasonable design and technical means, in order to create a rich personality and charm of the city's night scene, so that the city really show a wonderful blend of light and shadow.

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