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How to maintain outdoor laser lights

2023-08-31  251

Nowadays outdoor laser lights are no longer those leisure and entertainment places to create the atmosphere of the exclusive equipment, even for the modern city night landscape planning time also need to introduce outdoor advertising laser lights and gobo projector in large quantities, at this time outdoor laser light maintenance and maintenance has become a lot of installation scenarios are extremely concerned about a problem. So users should be how to good reputation, excellent service outdoor laser lights maintenance? In the outdoor laser light maintenance work and need to focus on where?

First, waterproof short circuit anti-mosquito maintenance

Due to the installation of outdoor laser light scene is relatively special, long-term exposure in the complex environment of the open-air outdoor scene is very easy to cause some damage to the overall structure of the laser light. Although the production of outdoor laser light manufacturers in the design stage has been the construction of lamps and lanterns and safety protection upgrades, but the user in the laser light maintenance also need to pay attention to the lamps and lanterns of the waterproof short-circuit as well as anti-mosquito aspects of the maintenance, so as not to be affected by these external factors to the effect of the beam of light irradiated by the laser light.

Second, the maintenance of the cooling system

For outdoor laser light cooling system also belongs to support the normal operation of an important part of the lamps and lanterns, but because of this part is more obscure many users in the routine maintenance or overhaul are more likely to ignore the cooling system, for a long time so may lead to the cooling system above the adherence of some difficult to clean up the dust. Then in the outdoor laser light to do maintenance will need to focus on the cooling system, so as to avoid damage to the safe and stable operation of the lamp due to the cooling system circulation is not smooth enough.

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