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Air Projection in Sci-Fi Movies: The Future of Technological Advancement

2023-08-31  225

Sci-fi movies are loved by audiences for their jaw-dropping special effects and thrilling storylines. In these movies, the light and shadow effects are often amazing, giving people an unusually sci-fi and cool feeling. In the movies, people can achieve important tasks through technology, and when viewing information in a computer, all the files, data, etc. are floating in the air. The protagonist can interact with these projected contents directly in the air with breathtaking light and shadow effects.

The story background of sci-fi movies is often set in the future. Last year's hit movie "Avengers 4" produced many high-tech scenes through special effects, showing a kind of fantasy and real intertwined. Those can "float" in the air projection screen in the end is a promising technology, or just a movie gimmick?

In fact, these projected images floating in the air really do exist, this is the air projection technology. Air projection technology is not completely no screen projection, but the use of a thin layer of water mist wall to replace the traditional projection screen. At the same time, the use of mirage imaging principle, through the gobo projector and the air particles to bring out the light image. However, the effect of this projection method is not ideal. Compared to a fixed screen, the invisible and intangible air cannot provide a completely flat projection surface. At present, air projection technology can only be used for stage atmosphere creation, scenic spots of large-scale performing arts activities and other projection occasions, and basically can only be used indoors, by the environment is more limited. Outdoors, especially in windy conditions, the flow of air will interfere with the projection effect, so air imaging technology is difficult to apply in this case. The current air imaging technology and Intelligent Water Curtain Dynamic Water Features is not very different, just the screen from the flow of water composed of a wall of water into a wall of air composed of water vapor. However, both forms of projection suffer from the problem of not being able to achieve a clear projection, let alone the stunning effects seen in sci-fi movies.

Nevertheless, there is still hope that in the future we can realize what we fantasize about in sci-fi movies, such as ordering food, hailing a cab, etc. by tapping the air with our fingers. This is what makes sci-fi movies so appealing to the audience! With the advancement of technology, our research on air projection technology will continue to deepen, and I believe that in the near future, people will be able to witness this exciting achievement. Air imaging in sci-fi movies is no longer distant, but closer and closer to us.

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