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How much is a shopping mall projector?

2021-12-03  488

If you want to know the price of projectors in a shopping mall, you need to price according to the power of the projector selected by the shopping mall and the projection requirements. In general, the manufacturer will recommend you the projector that suits your power according to the projection requirements you provide. Shopping malls need to classify projectors according to their use. Suppose you need to advertise or logo projection, which is used outdoors. At this time, you need to choose a projector with IP ratings, such as an IP65 projector. IP stands for its dustproof and waterproof. IP65 refers to the dustproof 6 grade, and the waterproof is 5 grade. The projection lamp products are divided into outdoor and indoor use styles. Outdoor use has the standard of dust and water resistance. And there is no indoor use so that the price will vary.

So how much is a projector in the shopping mall?

We can estimate from these aspects:

1. Look at the purpose of the projector in a shopping mall. The purpose is to see whether the projector is used indoors or outdoors. Projector lamps used indoors are about $50 lower than those used outdoors, depending on the power.


2. Power is a very important factor that affects the price of the projector. The usage of the projector can be used to measure the power. It is generally used as an indoor atmosphere to create a projection that generally requires only low power. If it is outdoor use and drainage, it can choose a high-power projector product.


How to purchase a projector used in a shopping mall?

When purchasing a projector used in a shopping mall, you can see the Aladdin Noparde manufacturer projector. First, the noparde projector is a professional manufacturer of projection lamps, and they are equipped with the ability to produce and develop projectors. And they can issue detailed projection schemes according to the actual environment of the shopping mall and suit the customers’ needs. More importantly, the noparde projector uses the bulb products imported by Cree, and the projection lamp is up to 50000 hours. The MEAN WELL power supply products have a long life and clear projection. And it supports long-term and large-scale projection without dropping frames or losing color.


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