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Compared with the door plaque, what is the difference with advertising projector?

2021-12-04  484

The function of the advertising projector is the same as the door plaque, they have an advantage of the advertising, but the roles of 2 in the advertising field are inconsistent. Because of their novelty, advertising projectors are more popular in the advertising field. Logo advertising projectors are a kind of light projection publicity that can better publicize advertisements. The followings are the difference between the logo advertising projector and the door plaque.


We can easily see the logo projection lamp and advertising projection lamp in the shopping mall or some stores. Compared with traditional door plaque, the logo projector brings different visual effects. Moving pictures are often more eye-catching than static pictures. And the bright colors are also more eye-catching. After a long period of wind, sun and rain, the store's brand will fade and become dilapidated, but it's different for the logo advertising projector. The logo projector's color will not change over time. It doesn't matter if you put it outdoors, it is also waterproof, light and easy to move.


The door plaque and the logo advertising projector have 2 differences:

1. From a visual point of view, it wouldn't rotate after the ordinary store signs are hung up. If you want to change, you can only do it again, wasting your time and money. The logo projector is different, if you don't want the pattern, just changing the pattern will be better. The key is to cast static pictures and dynamic pictures and more eye-catching.

2.The store signs on both sides of the commercial street are only suitable for hanging at the door. After entering the store, it is monotonous walls on both sides. Not only is the logo projector suitable for the store entrance, but also the store. It projects a picture on the wall and gives a sense of freshness, increasing passenger flow that will bring good profits to the store. After comparison, do you also want a logo advertising projector to increase profits?

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