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2000 Watt LED High Power Ultra Telephoto Projection Lamp

2023-08-23  185

The latest product from Noparde is an Ultra Telephoto Projection Lamp that utilizes LED High Power technology with a high power of 2000 watts. The lamp can also be equipped with lenses of different focal lengths to meet the needs of different projection distances.

Compared with the traditional halogen light source high-power projection lamp, this LED ultra telephoto projection lamp has more advantages in projection distance. It can reach a projection distance of 300 meters, making the projection effect clearer and fuller. Whether it is in the field of outdoor projection, advertising projector, giant advertisement projection, or building lighting projection lamp, bridge tower projection, landscape lighting projection, mountain projection show, etc., you can achieve a longer projection distance with this ultra-telefocus gobo projector.

This 2000 watt LED high power ultra telephoto projection lamp not only has advantages in projection distance, but also has outstanding performance in other aspects. It utilizes LED high power technology for low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, long life and more stable and reliable use. This projection lamp also has high brightness and color reproduction, which can present a more realistic and vivid picture effect.

Noparde has been committed to the field of outdoor projection and provides related business and products. Whether it is cultural tourism night tour projection, outdoor wall projection, or mountain projection, mountain lighting project, Park lighting projectio, Noparde has a wealth of experience and expertise to provide customers with first-class solutions. In addition, the company also provides large-scale projection lamp rental services to meet the temporary projection needs of customers.

In an era of rapid technological advancement and constant innovation and advancement in projection technology, Noparde is committed to pushing the boundaries of projection technology and improving the quality and performance of its products to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers. Whether you are looking for outdoor projection or other areas of projection needs, Noparde's 2000 Watt LED High Power Ultra Telephoto Projection Lamp is the ideal choice.


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