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Large advertising projection lamp-outdoor projection effect appreciation

2022-12-30  263

Large advertising projection lamp is generally used as outdoor advertising use, especially the building wall projection used more, clear picture, low cost, simple installation conditions, by the majority of advertisers like, large advertising projection lamp projection is clear, not afraid of use environment, dust and waterproof; if you also have outdoor advertising projection needs, to understand the large advertising projection lamp products, the following small make up for you to introduce some effect of large advertising projection lamp outdoor use.

Large advertising projection lamp outdoor use case.

Building projection Santa Claus icon.


Irregular building projection case effect display.


Large-range projection of the indoor floor.


Large advertising projection lamp products, whether used outdoors for advertising, landmark display; or in the use of a large range of projection icon, can use large projection lamp projection clear and bright logo to play a good advertising, projection guidance effect.

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