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Personalized Canopy Projection Solution Creates High-End Shopping Malls

2023-08-16  229

Personalized canopy solution can be used to create high-end shopping malls through canopy projection, which is an innovative design solution for gobo projector. The following are the positioning criteria and advantages about the personalized canopy solution:

1、 to create situational commercial plaza: through personalized Holographic canopy projection design, break through the traditional consumer awareness and create a unique commercial plaza atmosphere. It can show the characteristics of the place where the mall belongs to, such as local scenery, architecture or historical classics, in order to increase the value of regional cultural display and exhibition.

2、Attracting popularity to enhance the circulation: personalized canopy can attract eyeballs, gather popularity, and increase the popularity and flow of the mall. Through multiple and long-lasting recovery benefits, it enhances the economic benefits of the mall.

3、Permanent brand value enhancement: personalized canopy solution can enhance the brand value and corporate culture of the mall, helping the mall to achieve high-end positioning. The content of the canopy can be switched at any time, with permanent commercial value enhancement.

The advantage of personalized canopy program lies in the tripartite effect of highlighting display value, increasing commercial value and expanding emotional experience. It not only displays regional culture and characteristics, but also enhances the popularity and traffic flow of the shopping mall, as well as evokes emotional experience and promotes consumption.

For large commercial plazas, we have a professional content planning team that can customize the content of the personalized canopy for the mall to create the most high-end commercial plaza. We will start from the five senses of sight, feeling, hearing and thinking to create a shopping space for shopping malls with a satisfying and resonant external environment to increase awareness, visibility and humanity.

Through the personalized canopy solution, the mall can innovate and enhance its commercial value and brand image in design, attract more consumers and merchants, and achieve commercial success.

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