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Bionic firefly projection light interactive device

2023-07-15  236

The main material of "Bionic Firefly Light Interactive Device" is stainless steel shell, and after electrostatic powder spraying treatment, it has the characteristics of strong and durable. Suitable for installation in lawns, fields, clubs and public spaces, it can be used to decorate and create an atmosphere.

In the main interactive area, we set up an infrared sensing device, combined with sound and light effects, to create a fantastical view surrounded by bionic fireflies. When visitors walk into this area, the sensor device will be triggered, and the firefly gobo projector lamps will make people feel like they are in the childhood time of chasing fireflies on a summer night through the projected light spot effect.

One of the highlights of this installation is the number of laser dots, 500 in total (i.e. the number of fireflies), which can be classified as white or colored. The colors can be chosen and customized as needed, with common colors such as red, blue, green, white, and full color available. This makes the whole installation look like a firefly paradise, exuding a warm and dreamy atmosphere.

Our "Bionic Firefly Light Interactive Device" products comply with CLASS1 safety requirements, the highest level of laser protection requirements, no harm to the human eye, you can rest assured that the use. However, it is strictly prohibited to stare directly at the laser outlet, if you need to watch, please wear qualified protective glasses and other protective equipment. In addition, the product also has IP67 waterproof rating, but is not suitable for prolonged immersion in water.

With our bionic firefly light interactive device, people can re-experience the fun and warm memories of catching fireflies in their childhood. It is not only a decorative item, but also an emotional support. Let's go back to those dreamy and happy summer nights together, and feel the sky full of flickering fireflies, bringing us endless childishness and joy.

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