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The shopping mall projector will give you a different advertising experience.

2021-12-06  815

Modern shopping malls generally set up relative areas within the mall to advertise projection displays, and it generally uses dynamic advertising projection display methods for delivery. Dynamic projection advertising is a novel advertising projection method. And it uses a high-intensity light source to penetrate the lamp to form light refraction and project the picture on the lamp to the corresponding carrier to form a high-definition and bright pattern display, super visual impact and high-definition picture. And it also forms a highly visual impact on outdoor or indoor advertisements. The following is a departement store's advertising projection!


Because of the dynamic novel projection advertising, it will attract more consumers. Please don't forget, the consumers will pay much attention to your product when they look at the beautiful and dynamic projection screens. For outdoor advertising, the advantages of dynamic projection advertising are more obvious. Traditional outdoor advertising has been unable to attract the attention of consumers. New advertising that can be placed on walls, floors, windows and roofs will surely capture consumers' curiosity. Dynamic projection advertising will bring consumers a brand new visual impact.


Not only can the shopping mall project the advertising, but also some objects and fonts, and it can enhance the atmosphere of the shopping mall and create a local internet celebrity check-in area. For example, the use of water waving projector and advertising projections can enhance the effectiveness of advertising. And the use of a water-waving projector and the combination of some dynamic objects can create a unique landscape of the mall, which can not be ignored in enhancing the popularity of the mall and the drainage of the wall.


Compared with the door plaque, what is the difference with advertising projector? What is the purpose of advertising projector?