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Wiring tips for logo projection light

2023-07-31  217

During the Noparde projection light wiring process, we need to pay attention to the following common problems:

First of all, we have to communicate with customers at the stage of purchasing goods to understand the working voltage problem of the gobo projector light. Take Chinese customers as an example, they usually default that the switching power supply of the projection light should be 380V which is commonly used in China. however, if we apply the projection light in overseas or other non-380V regulated countries, we may face some dangers of voltage mismatch. Therefore, we suggest our customers try not to change the working voltage during the wiring the projection lamp.

Secondly, projection lamps are widely used in publicity projection and are usually not used for a long time, about six hours per day. Therefore, when wiring the projection lamp, customers should consider in advance not to connect it with household appliances or power circuits that have been used for too long, so as not to require frequent operation of the power switch of the projection lamp every day, which will be relatively inconvenient.

Third, when wiring the projection lamp, we need to pay attention to the safety of the line. Don't connect the projection lamp to a line that is easily damaged or unstable for a long time, so as not to cause damage to the projection lamp due to routing problems during the projection lamp wiring process.

Finally, if we need to wiring the projection lamp to some mobile impulse type working voltage equipment, such as generator sets, etc., there may be a situation where the projected pattern is not clear and the chromaticity fluctuates due to a short circuit. At this point, we should try to replace it with a stable power supply.

To summarize, for LOGO projection lamp wiring skills, we need to pay attention to the matching of the working voltage, avoid connecting with appliances that have been in use for too long to ensure the safety of the line, as well as selecting a stable power supply when wiring to mobile devices. This will ensure the normal operation of the projection lamp and the use of the effect.

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