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Water Ripple Light Projection Wall Lighting Effect

2023-08-13  195

As a kind of lighting fixture, water pattern light has unique characteristics and lighting effect compared with traditional flood light, wall washer light and so on. It is a kind of novel ambient light, which can play the role of scenery in lighting, so it is more and more widely used in outdoor lighting and wall lighting.

Dynamic water ripple light projection wall effect is very attractive, especially suitable for creating corporate signage or wall lighting. We cooperated with a real estate company to complete a water ripple light projection project. Before that, the signage of the real estate investment promotion office became dark at night, which brought great trouble to the investment promotion work of the whole real estate. In order to solve this problem and at the same time highlight the cultural atmosphere of the enterprise, we recommended water ripple advertising projector light as the lighting projection program. By using water ripple light projection, not only can it lighten the signage, but also can bring out the atmosphere of the enterprise, realizing the effect of two birds with one stone.

There are many friends who are concerned about the applicable places and effects of water gobo projector. In fact, the water ripple light can show excellent effect in any place, the key lies in the match with the external environment. The effect of water ripple light will be more outstanding when it blends with the color of the external environment. Not only are watermark lights available in full color, but they can also be customized to meet the needs of the customer. When choosing colors and blending methods, it is recommended to avoid matching dark colors with light colors. For example, red and gray do not work well together, while light colors and light blue watermarked lights can produce better results.

Overall, the lighting effect of water pattern light projection wall is very attractive and can show better effect by blending with the external environment. Choosing the right color and blending method can create a stunning effect. As a unique lighting fixture, water pattern lights will continue to play an important role in outdoor lighting and wall lighting, adding beautiful landscapes to the city's night scenery.

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