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What is a logo projection lamp and what are its uses?

2021-12-20  477

The Logo projection lamp is a lamp that projects the logos. The logo projection lamp uses the principle of mirror reflecting the logo for advertising, atmosphere rendering and other purposes. Simply put, we can project any logos to any structure, such as the carrier wall or the ground. Logo projector products, called logo projection lamps in the market, make the logo into the form of light film, and it focuses the light on the light film, and then image through the principle of mirror refraction. Logo projector products are now very effective in promoting physical stores, and they are types of publicity lamps chosen by many businesses.

Common application scenarios of logo projectors: outdoor advertising, exhibition hall platform guidance, company logo promotion brand building, shopping mall to stores projection, coffee shop interior and club interior atmosphere creation, etc. The use of logo projector products is also very simple. Common gobos colors have multiple colors, such as monochromatic, two-color and multi-color. Then put the gobo on the base of the logo projector, turn on the log projector, and then project the logo lamp project image on the ground or wall that needs to be projected. Every customer has their own needs, so we usually ship without adjusting it, and the customers need to adjust it manually.

The application scenarios and advantages of the logo projector:
1. The logo projector is used outside the physical store by projecting promotional information. It attracts the attention of potential customers and makes the product economical.

2. It can build a brand and a brand image.
3. The internal projection of the physical store improves customers' enthusiasm for consumption. The logo projector can advertise our products throughout the stores and increase customers' consumption.

Why choose projection lamp products for outdoor advertising? water ripple rendering atmosphereprojected by the water wave projection lamp for the park museum