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Why is the clarity of the advertising projector of different brands different?

2021-11-20  518

It's necessary to understand why the definition of advertising projector of the different brands is different. First, we need to understand the factors that cause the inconsistency of advertising the projector. The main reasons are the following.


Whether the power of advertising projector is enough; in the same projection environment, the high the power of projector with different power, the better the clarity and brightness. We must pay attention to that the power can't be too large. The large the power, the shorter the projection distance, and there will be a reflection phenomenon, it will cause the color overlap of the projected pattern.

The other reason is the projection environment. The clarity and the brightness of the advertising projector are different. The projector's imaging uses convex lens imaging technology, but our light source is not an ideal point light source. Chromatic aberration problems will occur after being refracted by the convex lens, which will cause the image to become insufficiently clear. Now we solve the problem of the different clarity of advertising projector of different brands. The followings are the reasons causing the different clarity of the advertising projector of different brands。


1.The research and development process is different. The research and development process of each brand is different, and the production process is different, leading to inconsistent product projection standards.

2.Different brands have different standards for the power of projectors. As one of the most important factors affecting the clarity of advertising projectors, the power of the projectors is naturally inconsistent.

3.The raw materials of the projectors are different. The projectors have extremely strict requirements on light transmittance, and the light projection performance of different projection materials is inconsistent. The better the light transmittance, the higher the clarity!


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