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How to guarantee the outdoor advertising projection effect?

2021-11-19  858

Outdoor advertising projector refers to using a projector for publicity and advertising outdoors. Outdoor advertising projector generally belongs to the high-power projector series, take the Noparde projector as an example, the maximum power is 700w outdoor projector products. In some super large outdoor advertising, such as the Great Wall, large-scale city advertisements and large-scale landmark buildings. How to realize this large-scale outdoor advertisement which is both clear and bright?


In short, the maximum distance and projection area of every projector is limited. When the actual area required for outdoor advertising projection exceeds the projection area of the maximum power product, or when the projection environment is particularly bright around the projection environment. It isn’t easy to achieve the required projection effect simply by relying on a certain power projector product. At this time, we should use multiple high-power projectors to cooperate in the dorm of advertising projection.


For example, now we need to do an advertising projection show on a large square in the center of a city. On the one hand, the projected area should exceed the largest projection area currently on the market. On the other hand, the surrounding lighting environment is very strong. At this time, we need to divide the pattern that needs to be projected into multiple patterns. And then, it installs on multiple projectors for coordinated projection, which guarantees its projection area requirements and enhances the brightness of the projected advertising content!


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